In high school, Tom Shaw's coach was Kevin White, the guy who's now athletic director at football-powerhouse Notre Dame. White taught Tom about running, and Tom still carries those lessons with him today when he trains the greats. Like the last seven Super Bowl MVPs and countless guys doing the NFL combine test.

But let's rewind. To get to the pinnacle he's at today, Tom got a degree, and then a master's degree, in exercise science at Central Michigan University. While he was there, he competed in sprints and jumps on the track and field team. After a stint coaching high school football and track, Tom moved on to Florida State University as a varsity sport speed coach. Eventually he took his exceed-at-speed wisdom to the New England Patriots as their strength and conditioning coach—where he helped earn not one, not two, but three (3!!!) Super Bowl rings.

And now Tom's down in Florida, putting massive guys through grueling drills to make them more powerful and explosive so they can impress the big bosses at the NFL combine—as well as training high school players. Says this SPARQ Master Trainer: "Different guys run different ways, but as long as you are explosive and as long as you are powerful, you are going to be fast."

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